Kurtarra was formed to ensure that aboriginal people were provided opportunity and a road forward with employment, business, supply of products and to give back to the community.

Kurtarra is committed to recruiting, developing and retaining quality staff and along with this commitment to our staff and employment, supplying quality products, develop and maintain strong relationships within the communities in which we operate.

Kurtarra views this community relationship as an essential component of success and is fundamental in the attitude of the Company management to foster strong and long term relationships with the community in its areas of operation. This success has been realised because of Kurtarra’s ability to blend the commercial realities with the needs of the wider community and in particular with the indigenous culture and lifestyle.

Kurtarra is an open honest company who will only be truly successful when we work as a team and treat each individual with respect we all deserve as people.

In respect to the opportunities with current and future project, Kurtarra’s approach to a development plan is an inclusive one and assumes that a plan for local community participation and a regional development plan for Indigenous people should be integrated in order to maximise the opportunities for the whole community and to create a harmonious and productive working environment for the length of the projects and beyond.