Hydrastick SUGAR FREE 99.91% 600mL

Hydrastick SUGAR FREE 99.91% 600mL

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SUGAR FREE 99.91% electrolyte replacement sachets. Fast-acting HydraSafe® is an all natural electrolyte replacement drink, scientifically formulated to safely replenish fluids and necessary mineral salts which are lost through dehydration or through physical exertion.

HydraSafe® is readily absorbed through the stomach and small intestine during physical activity, helping you to rehydrate at the quickest possible rate.

  • All natural All natural re-hydration drink
  • No artificials No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or additives
  • Low carbs Low carbohydrate formulation choice
  • Australian made Manufactured in Australia

HydraSafe® can assist in: Reducing Fatigue, Better Concentration, Increased Productivity and Quicker Recovery

600mL of electrolyte replacement drink. Once prepared, this beverage may be kept under refrigerated conditions for no more than 72 hours.