‘WA Police are trialing the use of Hydrasafe® with a view to determining the health and safety benefits for its officers who work in extreme environments’.

Stephen Brown APM, Acting Deputy Commissioner (Operations), Western Australia Police

"As an AFL player for the past 14 years I have drank many replacement drinks an I know the importance and correlation of hydration to performance .
Hydrasafe® is an all natural product that tastes great. It is low on sugars and salts which is very important for your health. Especially with the prevalence of Diabetes 2 in my community. I would personally like to endorse Hydrasafe®."

David Wirrpanda

HydraSafe® tastes better and meets more hydration related nutrition requirements than any other consumer sports drinks I have come across. As a dietitian contracted to provide hydration advice and systems in extremely hot work sites, I found HydraSafe® was a great alternative to the high calorie consumer sports drinks on the market. The simple portion packages made it easy for the workers to stay hydrated correctly as it was easy to follow the instructions. The company's passion and integrity matched with great service is a big winner for the companies I work with.

Duncan Hunter, Consultant Dietitian

Barminco has approximately 2000 employees within its Australian operations, operations in Egypt, and are also in a joint venture with African Underground Mining Services in West Africa with a further 1500 national and expat employees.

We commenced using Hydrasafe in our Australian operations 18 months ago and it has now been widely accepted as the preferred electrolyte replacement.

The majority of our employees prefer Hydrasafe due to various flavours and being an all natural product. Wth comments that it tastes better than other products. We have just commenced using it in our international operations in Ghana, Mali and Egypt where Hydrasafe is now a big part of hydration with our national and expat employees..

There is less waste due to the sachets being the correct amount for the recommended dose.

Peter Nicholls
Group EHS&T Manager - Barminco


We recently completed the Murray to Moyne Charity bike ride to raise money for the Very Special Kids Organisation. The ride was a team event (Team Pilcher Builders) over 520kms in a 24 hour period.

Our team took a slightly different approach to the ride, with a number of our team completing the entire ride from Echuca on the Murray River to Port Fairy in just over 24 hours.

Riding this distance requires maintaining our energy and fluid levels. As a team and certainly as a rider in this event, we found that the Hydrasafe® products were invaluable in maintaining our fluid and energy levels throughout the 520 klms all whilst tasting very good.

Thankyou very much for providing our team with such a quality product as Hydrasafe®.

Richard Buerger, Geologist with Alacer
Team Pilcher Builders - Murray to Moyne Charity Ride

I've just completed the 510km 'Morning Cafe Ride For Cancer 2011', from
Albany to Perth in six days. Our team of 13 riders made great use of Hydrasafe® during the ride. Having never tried it, I couldn't have been more satisfied with the product. All of the flavours were great, I knew that all the important electrolytes I was loosing were being replaced, and with a fraction of the sugar that comparable other products contain. Perfect!

Ross Boaden

Whether it’s training hard for the annual City to Surf or working as a field geologist for AlacerGold I have found that HydraSafe both flavours my water encouraging me to stay maximum hydrated especially once water becomes bland but also helps replace my salts and sugars to keep me in best condition. The Magnesium in HydraSafe is a big attraction to me and also shows that HydraSafe is in the lead pack when it comes to hydration products. Which flavour today?

Glen Brown
Avocados City to Surf Captain
Senior Geologist, AlacerGold

To whom it may concern,

I have seen Hydrasafe used across numerous operations for about the last 3 years with great success.

By combining Hydrasafe, training and specialty information sessions, I am please to say we have had no reported cases of dehydration across out operations.

After trialing other hydration drinks, there was no doubt our team preferred Hydrasafe, for its taste and hydration properties.

From a management point of view, Hydrasafe and Wayne Ashdown have provided a great product, support, training and information to our prganisation.

I would be happy to recommend Hydrasafe to all personnel regardless of what industry or sporting organisation they are in.

Brad Stearnes
OHS & Security Manager