The Benefits of Hydrasafe®

One of the most common problems when working in moderate to extreme heat is dehydration. HydraSafe® (* This rehydration system is protected by an Australian and International Patent application.) is readily absorbed through the stomach and small intestine during physical activity, helping you to rehydrate at the quickest possible rate.

The sodium level in HydraSafe® promotes rehydration and helps maintain fluid balance. The sodium level in Hydrasafe® has been scientifically formulated to support the maintenance of normal plasma volume. If sweat losses were to be replaced solely by low sodium beverages, such as water, individuals may lose some fluid through urine. In extreme climatic conditions, an individual may also suffer from hyponatremia (which is a disturbance of the salts in the blood)**

Fast-acting HydraSafe® is an all natural electrolyte replacement drink, scientifically formulated to safely replenish fluids and necessary mineral salts which are lost through dehydration or through physical exertion.

HydraSafe® assists in:

  • Rehydration
  • Restoring energy
  • Reducing workplace fatigue
  • Increasing productivity

All HydraSafe® products are manufactured with:

  • No artificial colours
  • No sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Sodium enrichment for body-balance

The HydraSafe® products are available in premium mix and low-carborhydrate blend which taste great and comes in five exciting flavours – orange, lemon lime, berry blast, apple and fruit punch.

* This rehydration system is protected by an Australian and International Patent application.
** Please see the frequently asked questions section of this website for more information.

HydraSafe® has chosen to include both calcium and magnesium in its product. The following media articles relate to these ingredients.
Reference: West Australian Newspaper, Mindy & Body Section, Tuesday 5th October 2010

You may need more salt/sodium (as contained in HydraSafe®) if:

You're hightly active and struggle to replenish salt/sodium through hydration.

You're suffering from accute water intoxication, sever sweating or gastroenteritis

You're eldery and on certain medications or have certain medical conditions.
Consult your doctor first. Reference: The Sunday Times Body+Soul, 10th October 2010

All about Magnesium
Magnesium is essential for many cellular functions.It is often deficient in diets that rely heavily on processed foods. It helps to calm the nervous system, so is beneficial for anxiety and insomnia. It also helps maintain blood pressure and blood-sugar levels and muscle function.